Past Issues

Issue Four | Spring 2013
The Bumps in the Wall | Christian Berk
I’ve Killed Us, Mother | Garrett Dennert
You Are Safe | Erica McKeehen
Telling it Straight | R. A. Lubowitz
Lipstick in China & The Back of the Head of Beijing | Adriene Lilly
Crying in a Mall | Adriene Lilly
The Contender & Proclamation | Peter E. Murphy
Choice; Lost and Found | Robin Silbergleid

Issue Three | Spring 2013
Old Bill and a Howling | Trisha Winn
A Better Life | Lucas Peters
Gravity | Lynsey G
Jordan Curve | Chantal Bourbon
She Didn’t Make It | Shannon Barber
Third Line | Kassie Rubico
The Magic Mirror | Jennifer Michael
The Path | Sandell Morse
1735 Asylum Avenue | Judy Bolton-Fasman
The Beautifully Damaged | Allison Floyd
Ultrasound | Sarah Maxwell
Tracy’s Braids | Madelaine Wong

Issue Two | Fall 2012
Sing | Tony Scotino (photography)
Slow Burn | Christopher Ripley
Smoking in Rented Rooms | Sinta Jimenez
Wordplays | Linda Heartlein
Rooted but Growing | Stephen Mead (photography)
Nolman | Christie Van Court (photography)
Aggie Lane | Kelly Bell
Power Outage | Ursula Villarreal-Moura
When Toxic Things Shimmer | Cynthia Ann Schemmer
Solitary | Lindsey Plocek
Fisherman | Veronica Norton (photography)
A Series of Self | Jacquelyn Claire Cordova (photography)
My Year With Marie | Julie S. Bettinger
Christian | Sarah Penney
Becoming Landscape | Stephen Mead (photography)
Survivors | Faye Rapoport DesPres
The Magnificent Joke | Sarah Penney

Issue One | Summer 2012
Cooperation | R.D. Long
Bird in a Suit | Sarah Fonesca
Remain Nameless | Erica McKeehen (photography)
V70 Volvo | Linda Heartlein
Different Worlds | Joseph Carney
Gone Again | Jeremiah Bailey (photography)
Ground, in Water | Kate Gillespie
Heirlooms | Erin Dobosiewicz (photography)
Green Land of Light and Shadow | Richard Ballon
Magic | Bailey Shoemaker Richards
Temporary | Jacquelyn Claire Cordova (photography)
Stages of Visibility | Elliott DeLine
The Dog Shit Incident | Bobby Fox
A Winter’s Eve | Dominique Smith (photography)
The Internet | by Lisa Schamess
Mercy | Morrigan McCarthy
Crew | Hubert Neal, Jr. (photography)
This is What You’ll Remember | Bahiyyih El-Shabbaz
Amina, a Portrait | Meredith McEntee (photography)
How Texas Won the War | Tiffany Stevens