Temporary | Jacquelyn Claire Cordova

These photos are part on an ongoing documentary project entitled ‘The Temporaries.’ I aim to explore the modern realm of the words ‘temporary’ and ‘permanent.’ Given the fast-paced times in which we currently live, is what we consider permanent actually permanent, or has what some call the ‘Digital Enlightenment’ begun to symbolically and linguistically morph permanence into the temporary? This is a project of real people living their lives through what seems to be an ongoing tension between temporary and permanence. What is it and how has it changed? I invite viewers to investigate not only the meaning of both words in context to these photos, but also in relation to their own lives.

Jacquelyn Claire Cordova

Jacquelyn Claire Cordova is a 21-year-old photographer and cultural studies fanatic currently living in Chicago, IL. Using both film and digital mediums, she loves exploring all that the realm of photography holds and is excited to start experimenting with different printing techniques. Jacquelyn is self taught, ambitious, and continuously inspired by the life that surrounds her.


Nonfiction for the restless soul. Published online quarterly.


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  2. sarah

    these are gorgeous and provocative— thank you for sharing them

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